Final Project Report

Developing a Collaborative National Postgraduate
Research Program for 22 Australian Film Schools

Lead Institution: Murdoch University

Partner Institutions:

Flinders University
Griffith University
RMIT University
The University of Melbourne
University of Technology, Sydney

Status: Completed

Published: 2014

Author: Josko Petkovic

Final Report
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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for creation of
ASA Research Centre

(July 2013)
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National SPARC Colloquium Program
(July 2013)
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ZIFF-NASS Zanzibar Conference Program
(June 2013)
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Minutes of SPARC NSW Meeting
(February 2013)
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Minutes of SPARC VIC Meeting
(October 2012)
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Minutes of SPARC SA Consultation Meeting
(June 2012)
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Call for Papers, Postgraduate Research in
Screen Production and Creative Arts
Conference, Zanzibar, June 2013

(4 March 2013)
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Call for Papers, National Colloquium,
Melbourne, Victoria, July 2013

(1 September 2012)
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Minutes of SPARC QLD Meeting
(14 September 2012)
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Minutes of SPARC WA Meeting
(29 August 2012)
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State Colloquium Feedback Document
(27 June 2012)
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State SPARC Colloquium exemplar
(1 February 2012)
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SPARC Survey of Postgraduate Research Activities Questions
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Project Information Letter
(March 2012)
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Submission to the National Cultural Policy Discussion Paper
(October 2011)
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