Key Outcomes & Challenges


  • Collaboration amongst 22 Australian Film Schools to develop a shared vision for a national postgraduate screen program
  • Shared understanding of and development of a new paradigm of postgraduate screen research
  • Recognition of the importance of post-graduate screen production and creative arts research work by industry and government agencies
  • An improved climate for funding postgraduate researchers with increased opportunities for:
  • funding of post graduate production-based research projects;
  • screen post-graduate students to work in industry;
  • mentoring new generations of research leaders in the screen production sector
  • An effective national inter-university research centre which:
  • facilitates sector-wide collaboration amongst screen academic researchers and post-graduate researchers
  • develops an innovative and sustainable post-graduate screen research sector in higher education
  • facilitates collaborative development of more ambitious screen projects in the university screen production sector
  • produces quality screen production research
  • has a high profile, and is able to provide a representative voice about the role of screen production research to industry and government agencies
  • disseminates and embeds good individual and institutional postgraduate research practices for screen producers


  • A national strategic plan for sustainable postgraduate research development in Australian film schools including:
  • a series of sector-wide consultation forums, a set of survey data results and a report on round-table workshops to define issues impeding the development postgraduate research within 22 film schools (Bond, COFA, CSU, Curtin, Deakin, ECU, Flinders, Griffith, Macquarie, Murdoch, UoN, Notre Dame, UWA, QUT, RMIT, Swinburne, UC, UniSA, UTS, UWS, VCA, and AFTRS);
  • a series of sector-wide delegations to visit academic, professional and industry organizations such as ARC, DIISR, OzCo, AFTRS, ScreenAustralia, ScreenWest, Film Victoria, FTO, SAFC and similar organizations.
  •  a series of workshops to develop 5 state-based collaborative staff-led, research centre-based grant projects with inbuilt postgraduate research component;
  •  A national colloquium on postgraduate research with international contributions;
  • A collaborative inter-university research centre with governance structure
  • State-based and national screen projects proposals with post-graduate research components
  • An ongoing national directory of screen production researchers, research projects, post-graduates and supervisors
  • A special issue of IM: Interactive media refereed e-journal featuring papers from a national colloquium
  • Recognition of the importance of post-graduate screen production research work by industry and government agencies
  • Increased funding opportunities for post-graduate screen scholarship and research