Stage 1 – Consultations

The first phase will involve consultations with staff in the 22 ASPERA institutions around Australia. The Project Leader will engage with staff at each institution producing an interim discussion paper at the conclusion of the first phase.The Project Leader is to visit to individual film schools, running workshops for staff to explain the aims of the project, the potential new paradigm and the methodology of trails.

This preparation will lead into the formation of industry delegations in preparation for visits to state, federal educational, research and funding bodies.

This phase will see the compilation of postgraduate research statistics, postgraduate resources and infrastructure into a database. It will identify emerging models of collaboration.

A Second visit to university film schools will discuss the grant mentoring context and will conduct workshops to brainstorm a new research paradigm with research trails and projects. The workshops will develop synergies and collaborations around nodes and hubs, building towards the notion of a research centre. The selection of grant proposals and projects leaders and coordinators will be finalized.